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Hello, and welcome to the community for MLAS.

If you have stumbled upon this on accident and don't know what MLAS is... by all means have a look around and if you like what you see you are welcome to stay. We are always looking for more fans of MLAS...

What is MLAS, you say?

MLAS is a currently in-process story by Lee "Ice-Puppet" Sanford.

Why have a community for a story that's in-process?

We want to share with you guys parts of the story as it builds on itself, and maybe share the experience of writing it like it is your own.

We honestly don't know if MLAS will ever be published but if it gets turned down enough times (when offically written) We may simply post it online... We wouldn't count on it getting turned down, though. IP is very persistant when it comes to things she wants. :3

If you are simply looking for a good read then take a look at some of the stories that will be posted in the journal... without an extensive knowlage of the characters they may be confusing but after reading a few then you may come to know them a bit better.